Dev Log #2 - "Once Upon a Trip to Sweden"

Dev Log #2
Thomas Riddervold

So much have happened since the last dev log. Together with 3 other game developers of the danish incubator in Grenaa, Me and Simon went to the Sweden Game Conference in the town of Skövde. We stayed at a small cabin located in beautiful swedish nature and enjoyed delicious breakfast in Hotel Billingehus nearby.

The Conference featured diffrent talks, focused on the theme: Game and Politics where we learned about the game industry. It also featured the Expo area, where different companies, mostly from the Swedish incubator, attended to pitch their games.

Because of practical changes, we sadly didn't get our own official stand, where we could present ANDROMALIUS.

But we managed anyway to show it to a lot of people through conversations and also raised awareness of Unit Zero Studio, by dealing out a ton of buissness cards.

We worked hard to finish our third teaser trailer, which got positive feedback from our incubator leaders and other game developers as well. We also got the great opportunity of socializing and networking with potential publishers and game companies.

Seeing all the other games from the Expo, has given us a lot of inspiration and has definitely strenghtened our drive and motivation even further, to make ANDROMALIUS as great as possible. Overall, it was an amazing trip and with new ideas and knowledge, now back home in Denmark, we can only tell you to stay tuned for so much more to come in the future! :D

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you in the next Dev Log!

Best Regards,

Thomas Riddervold - Co-Founder, 3D-Artist, Composer.