Dev Log #1 - "The Beginning"

Dev Log #1
Simon Ankerstjerne Arazm


We’ve been waiting for this moment for quite a while now. This project has been through numerous iterations before landing on ANDROMALIUS, and now we are at solid state of Alpha, with a clear goal in mind.
The game has been progressing rapidly throughout the last couple of months, with long nights that surely has taken it’s toll on our lifespan. But thats part of it, and why we love it!

The game has just gotten an overhaul, due to the upcoming SGC (Sweden Game Conference) we’re attending. It has been tough, but without a doubt a great experience, as it showed us just how far we can go, if we put everything into our craft.
Me and my Co-Founder, Thomas Riddervold started educations in Dania Games Denmark in September, to get a degree in Game Design. We started with a clear goal of getting into the local incubator environment called “Game Hub Denmark”, to further our buisness relations in the field, as well as gaining knowlegde from the best of the best in the danish game dev scene.

Both Thomas and I live about 1½ hours away from the education/incubator, which further gives us a drive to give it our best, as we know this is the only thing we can/will/must do, make games.

A great twist in our journey, was when we decided, boldly, to approach one of the key leaders of the incubator in the first week (which would be unheard of, granted most people start the education to LEARN to make games from scratch). We soon got a meeting set up, and in about 2 weeks we now stand as part of the incubator, with our first conference set up next Tuesday.

This was of course a huge leap in terms of the ladder we were prepared to climb, which only made us hunker further down, and dig deeper into ourselves to start ramping up everything we do.

We have so much to share, and so many things to talk about in the coming weeks, so I'll end here with some screens from ANDROMALIUS.


Thanks for reading, and hope to see you in the next Dev Log!

Best Regards,

Simon Ankerstjerne Arazm - Founder, Developer, Composer.