State of Unit Zero Studio AND Game Announcement!


We are Unit Zero Studio.

We are a game company based in Denmark, comprised of 2 people, who both love being creative. 

Some may realize that we have been out there before, in the game making sphere, and you would be right in that assumption. We have risen like the pheonix, and from our ashes, we now stand tall with more knowlegde, and even more drive to create.

The company has had it's rough patches throughout it's history, due to shifting team members and marketing snafu's that happened on prior projects.

This has all been cleared now, with the permanent addition of my team member, and co-founder, Thomas Riddervold.


Together we now run Unit Zero Studio towards one singular goal.

To create immersive experiences for you.


We have worked hard to hone our skills, and we are now ready to announce our first title, as the new UZS.




The game revolves around a young man who just moved into his new apartment. The player takes control, as he spends his first night there. We can't elaborate further from that point, but we hope that you enjoy it ;) 

A link to the released teaser trailer:

Our goal as a company is to start off by creating an array of small titles that last about 1 hour to complete. This way we can create a lot of different things, and at the same time juggle our daily tasks like jobs and children. 


We hope that you will embark on this journey with us, and be sure to follow this blog to see further updates on the company, and the games that we produce ;) 

Thank you for reading!

Please take care.

Best Regards

Simon A. Arazm - Unit Zero Studio