First off, let’s introduce ourselves.

We are Unit Zero Studio.

We’re a game development team thats based in Denmark, comprised of 3 developers.

We have been working on a horror game for about 4 months now, and we’re finally ready to show you what’s in store, and start talking about the game, and its development.

The game that we’re making, is called: “ANDROMALIUS”.

It’s a dark interactive story, about a young man that has just moved into his new apartment. The first night in any new space can be weird and unsettling. The new sounds, the neighbors and the constant thoughts of ones actual safety.

This is what you’ll experience in our upcoming title, and we hope that you settle in quickly ;)

We’re happy to announce that we are going to SGC (Sweden Game Conference), and we got a demo and trailer with us!

We’ll be sharing further details about the game, and its development from this point on, as development is going towards completion.

Best regards,

- Unit Zero Studio