Unit Zero Studio


About us


We are a game development studio, based in Denmark.

The team is comprised of 3 people, whom all are deeply in love with making interactive experiences, that focuses on quality, over quantity.

Our mission is to create immersive experiences, that stems from what we as creators feel that are missing in the videogame artform.


The team is:


Simon Ankerstjerne Arazm - Founder, Game Director, Composer, Developer.

Thomas Riddervold - Co-Founder, Art Director, Concept Lead, Composer.

Kevin Gaardbye Nielsen - Lead Programmer, 3D Artist, Composer.



A waking nightmare.

The first PC title from our studio, is the short game we call "Andromalius", which serves as our first entry in the horror genre. We are avid horror fans, that eat any form of horror media up, whenever possible. Albeit the horror writings of Stephen King, or the visual experiences of John Carpenter and James Wan, as well as gaming experiences, such as Silent Hill and many others. 


This title has a touch of everything we love in the horror sphere, which we are very exited to talk more about in the coming months. We ask you to kindly subscribe to our newsletter, or keep updated on our different social media sites, for news regarding the games release, and possible beta testing. 


We cannot wait to have you experience the hellish nightscape that is "Andromalius"!


- Simon A. Arazm / Unit Zero Studio


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